The ‘Urban Data Platform’ transforming cities through data

An easy to use platform that combines data gathering and intelligence to help Local Authorities deliver better outcomes.

Intelligent, Automated and Unique for all UK Local Authorities

Multiple data types and sources can be used to create a simple and intuitive map based interface with data layers that can be filtered, providing insight on what’s happening across the specified area and inform better decision making.

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The ‘Urban Data Platform’ has made managing our complex regeneration programme significantly easier. It enables better planning, effective collaboration and quicker decision making and plays an essential part of the success of the programme.

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The ‘Urban Data Platform’ was co-created with and for Local Authorities to help solve specific challenges they face, through better use of both existing and new data sources to deliver improved outcomes for citizens.

Built on Connected Space’s proprietary cloud based technology platform, the ‘Urban Data Platform’, blends Local Government expertise with Connected Space’s smart cities technology capabilities.


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